Behavioural Advice

In order for everyone to happily cohabit, it’s important to understand your pet and their specific needs. We offer veterinary behaviour consultations and individual and group obedience classes to help you achieve this harmony with your furry friend.

For information on group classes (levels 1 to 5) and our various rates and packages, please contact us.

When should I seek behavioural advice?

It’s common to initially try to manage the behavioural problem on your own. But if the issue doesn’t improve or you notice new abnormal/disturbing behaviour, then it’s time to contact a professional. They can also determine if a health problem is behind your pet’s behavioural issues.

What problem behaviours should I look out for?

  • Aggression (toward you, other people or other animals)
  • Anxiety (when separated, during travel, hiding, excessive licking, whining)
  • Fear (of fireworks, storms, noise)
  • Hyperactivity or overreactions
  • Poor hygiene, urine marking
  • Destructive behaviours
  • Reduced appetite
  • And more

    Make careful note of the behaviours you observe as this will help our team better understand the situation, identify the root of the problem and propose an action plan to solve it. Every animal is different, and follow-up sessions may be necessary.