Blood Work

Blood work can be used to complement the vet’s physical exam, confirm a diagnosis, monitor certain medical conditions or detect the early onset of a disease.

We have our own lab on-site, meaning that we can process most results in just 30 minutes.

Does my pet need blood testing every year?

Not necessarily, especially if your pet has no medical issues. Annual blood testing is for older animals (7+ years) and those with certain health conditions that require close monitoring. Your vet will assess whether or not blood work is necessary.

Understanding pre-operative blood work

It is recommended to get blood drawn before each surgical procedure that uses anesthesia. Pre-operative blood work is used to verify your pet’s overall condition and to verify possible contraindications, like blood clotting issues.

How blood-testing works

Cats and dogs typically have blood drawn from the vein in their front leg or from the jugular vein in their neck. Your vet will let you know whether or not your pet needs to fast beforehand, based on the tests ordered. If the vein is difficult to see, the area may need to be shaved. They will disinfect the area, apply slight pressure and then insert the needle into the vein. Your pet may experience some discomfort, but no pain. Afterward, a bandage will be applied for a few minutes to stop the bleeding.
If your pet is distressed and uncooperative, they may need to be sedated for their own safety and that of the staff.

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