Veterinary Examinations

All pets should have an annual examination. These regular checkups can help detect new health problems early on and prevent them from getting worse. Your vet may recommend more frequent follow-ups if your pet has a specific health condition.

We offer home visits for our clients who are unable to travel to our clinic or whose pets are particularly distressed. You can also schedule a telemedicine appointment. Please contact us for more information.

What to expect during your first vet visit

During your initial visit, the veterinarian will perform a comprehensive exam of your animal. A stool analysis is recommended to check for any intestinal parasites that could harm your pet’s health. We will also discuss vaccination, parasite treatments and information about spaying and neutering. Lastly, we suggest getting your pet microchipped. We can also advise you on their diet, behaviour and other basic care.

When can I schedule a veterinary examination?

Our veterinary hospital is open Monday through Saturday. While we are closed on Sundays, you can reach our daytime emergency service by phone 7 days a week.