Health insurance

Health insurance

Times change, will we be able to adapt?

Pet owners are increasingly attached to their animals and consider them family members.

Veterinarians have evolved, they've become multidisciplinary: surgeons, radiologists, orthopedists, behaviorists, psychologists. They master new technologies such as surgical laser and therapeutic laser, all to meet the needs of animal lovers who are ready to go further in treatments.

Veterinary clinics have also evolved, offering more on-site services to accommodate an increasingly demanding clientele. Animal health technicians become indispensable in a veterinary clinic and carry several responsibilities, medical assistants, surgical assistants, dieticians, laboratory technicians, radiology technicians, behaviorists. They take care of the hospitalized animals and the follow-ups of the patients and much more.

Veterinary specialist centers are increasingly equipped with the latest technologies.

Do not envy human hospitals!

Although pet owners are very attached to their animals, it often happens that unfortunately many animals are euthanized for lack of financial means where as they could have been saved if they were covered by insurance!

Animals are more and more important in our society and it remains to us to promote animal health insurance to support this evolution.

Benefits of insurance:

- Being able to do regular preventive health checkups

- Preventative dental care before reaching tooth extractions

- Facing an emergency surgery

- Ability to provide physiotherapy care to animals in need.

- To look after your animal without waiting

- deal with an accident and the unexpected

- Peace of mind


-Your animal stays healthy and does not take advantage of insurance


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