Dog care guide

Prevention is better than cure!

The dog care guide, prepared by Hôpital vétérinaire Animo-Vet, provides you with a wealth of tips and advice on health, diet, care and behavior of your dog.


In order to kick start your puppy’s education; make an appointment at your veterinarian as soon as possible. He will examine your dog from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail and give you advice on diet, deworming, vaccination, spaying/neutering, teeth brushing as well as behaviour issues like housebreaking and separation anxiety.


A good food for your puppy must be balanced in quantity and most importantly in quality: adequate in amino acids, calories, calcium and phosphorus. Reading the label is not sufficient to choose your dog’s food. Indeed, with about 200 different food brands available in Canada, the choice is not always easy. How to choose? A veterinarian will give you sound advice to avoid bad surprises.


Some intestinal parasites are transmitted from the mother to the puppy before birth and during nursing. A stool analysis is necessary to target the present parasites with an adequate treatment. Puppies can be dewormed as soon as 2 weeks old.


Brushing the teeth is the best prevention against dental plaque accumulation and periodontal diseases. The dog has to be accustomed to this at a young age. Bones and a food approved for the prevention of plaque accumulation are very good prevention means.


Thanks to vaccination, many diseases are very well controlled in our cities. If vaccination is neglected, we could see these viruses reappear. Newborn puppies are naturally protected by maternal antibodies that are transmitted to them up to 6 to 16 weeks old. To have a very good immunity that will be durable, it is recommended to give 3 doses of base vaccine at a one month interval starting at 6 weeks old.

Vaccination must be adapted to the animal’s lifestyle: and indoor dog won’t receive the same vaccines than a dog that goes in the woods. Ask your veterinarian to establish the right protocol for your animal.