Rodent care guide

Prevention is better than cure!

Browse the rodent care guide designed by our vets to find answers to your concerns such as food, a healthy life and caring for your pet.


Longevity (months)24-3918-3612-3626-40
Max reported60364856
Average weight - Males (grams)46-13187-13020-40267-500
Average weight - Females (grams)50-5595-13022-63225-325
Rectal temperature (Celsius)38.237.637.137.7
Food/day (grams)5-710-153-515-20
Water (ml)49-125-822-33
Ambient temperature (Celsius)18-2221-2424-2521-24
Ambient humidity (%)45-5540-6045-5545-55



The majority of rodents are omnivorous and eat, in the wild, grass, seeds and sometimes invertebrate insects.

Rodents’ needs in protein are, for hamster 14-17%, for rats and mice 14-19.6% and 22% for the gerbil. The water bottle must be checked every day and changed every 2-3 days.